A wide variety of applications in the kitchen

Tempeh is a versatile product, whether you use it as a meat substitute, snack, or dessert. Thanks to its nutty, neutral flavour, it easily takes on the taste of other products.

 Inspiration? Discover these tasty tempeh recipes

Tempeh as a side dish or appetiser

  • Crispy tempeh

Tempeh as a meal ingredient

  • Vegan poké bowl
  • Summery mash potatoes

Tempeh as a snack

  • Tempeh sticks
  • Tempeh chips
  • Peanut tempeh

Tempeh: ideal ingredient for the food industry

Tempeh is so versatile that the food industry likes to use it as an ingredient for products and meals – usually as a meat substitute.

Tempeh is excellent in soups, ready meals, and pizzas.

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