MFU: Micro Fermentation Unit

“Increase the female labour participation rate

Tempeh sausages MFU Micro Fermentation Unit

What is a Micro Fermation Unit (MFU)?

Next to the SFU, Tempeh Today has developed a unique new concept last year; the Micro Fermentation Unit (MFU).

With the MFU, one person can produce 90kg of tempeh every week in only 3 working days. Tempeh today will set up a training program in which residents from all over India can take part. During this program, one can learn about fermentation, the production process, sanitary conditions, food safety and the responsibilities of the job in their own language.


Someone becomes entitled to work with the MFU and acquires microfinance after passing the exam.

Microfinance allows people to take on a loan safely to arrange all the required equipment that is needed start their own ‘MFU business’.

Micro finance - MFU Micro Fermentation Unit
Micro finance - MFU Micro Fermentation Unit

Sales is guaranteed

Every two weeks, tempeh today supplies the raw materials (soybeans and starter culture) to the households. During this visit, employees also have the opportunity to sell the tempeh they have produced back to tempeh today.

However, if the employees see other opportunities and like to start their own tempeh business, they are free to sell the tempeh themselves. The MFU project is a very unique project that has the ultimate goal to increase female labour participation rate.

Increases women’s independence

Among others, one of the reasons of withdrawal of females from the labour force is the burden of household responsibilities.

By the MFU project, tempeh today creates employment opportunities that can be easily accessed by females in not only urban, but also rural areas. In fact, the MFU works on solar technology so can also be operated in areas without electricity.