The power of SFUs

Small Fermentation Units: little tempeh factories

Throughout India, we produce our tempeh in Small Fermentation Units, or SFUs for short. In these small ‘factories’, soya is processed into tempeh.

Watch the video and get to know how a Small Fermentation Unit works

What makes our SFUs so unique?

Our SFUs can be deployed anywhere

Each SFU is compact and can be flexibly deployed thanks to its container form.

Because we can easily situate and move the SFUs, we are able to produce our tempeh anywhere. We no longer have to transport soya beans to a large factory, but can practically place the SFU next to the soya fields. We source the beans locally, process them locally, and sell the tempeh locally. That is not only sustainable but also cheaper.

We guarantee the uniformity of our quality and our process.

Tempeh today considers it important thatall SFUs produce the exact same product according to the exact same process.

For this reason, a team based in the Netherlands manages all SFUs. Our team of professionals monitors the process and the quality, and can easily make adjustments remotely. Thanks to the uniformity in quality and process, it is possible to distribute tempeh throughout India under one brand.

We offer employment opportunities with a good training programme.

Each unit is run by local employees. We thus stimulate employment in the region of the SFU.

Furthermore, our online training programme makes it easy for residents from all over India to take part. This simultaneously enables us to guarantee the quality of our production process. At home and in their own language, employees learn all about the production process, sanitary conditions, food safety, and the eventual distribution.

Do you live in India?

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