Why Tempeh today?

At Tempeh today, we think it is important to look after our fellow human beings. That is why we also help support the local population through our initiative. We do this in three ways.

1. A nutritious meal for children

Many of the essential nutrients in tempeh are nutrients that many people in India are deficient in. Children are especially vulnerable. Because they are still growing, they have an increased need for protein, iron, and vitamin B12, among other essential nutrients. We are making our tempeh available to them because it can help meet these nutritional needs. We are doing this with Midday Meals.

What are Midday Meals?

The school meal program Midday Meal Scheme aims to ensure that children are getting sufficient nutrition. Unfortunately, lunch often consists only of rice and some sauce. Proteins and other nutrients, which are important for healthy growth, are lacking. Adding our tempeh to these meals helps to increase their nutritional value. Tempeh today thus makes this tempeh available to schools for free.

2. Local job creation

With each Tempeh today location, we make a real contribution to the local community.

Each SFU provides employment for seven to ten local residents. We offer them a fair wage and provide safe and decent working conditions. This also helps to stimulate the local economy. We source the soya beans as locally as possible and subcontract local distribution to the local population wherever feasible.

3. Less packaging, less waste

Tempeh today stands not only for sustainable production, logistics, and agriculture, but also for sustainable packaging.

To limit our ecological footprint, we create as little waste as possible during the production process and use as little packaging material as possible. We purchase cardboard, plastic, and other supplies locally. We thus keep transport emissions to a minimum and support the local economy.