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Tasty and protein-rich tempeh, locally produced throughout India!

Tempeh today is a modern concept for an ancient product. Thanks to our SFUs (Small Fermentation Units), people all over the world can turn pulses into tempeh. Produced locally and monitored from the Netherlands.

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What are Small Fermentation Units?

Small Fermentation Units—or SFUs for short—are mini production facilities that process soya into tempeh. The SFUs can easily be placed anywhere.

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Tempeh today’s mission

“Our mission is to sustainably produce highly-nutritious, plant-based products at an affordable price”

MFU: Micro Fermentation Unit

Next to the SFU, Tempeh Today has developed a unique new concept last year; the Micro Fermentation Unit (MFU). With the MFU, one person can produce 80kg of tempeh every week in only 3 working days.

The MFU project is a very unique project that has the ultimate goal to increase female labour participation rate.

Why do we love tempeh?

Tempeh today - tempeh is Perfectly healthy

Perfectly healthy

Tempeh today - High plant-based nutrition with a small footprint

High plant-based nutrition with a small footprint

Tempeh today - Roasted tempeh

A wide variety of applications in the kitchen

Iron, calcium, vitamins, and proteins-tempeh is packed with important nutrients. Tempeh today further enriches it with additional iron and vitaminB12. This makes it a full-fledged meat substitute.

The soya beans for the tempeh grow locally in India. This makes tempeh particularly suitable for production in this region.

Tempeh is a sustainable choice. By processing the soya beans directly into plant-based food rather than using them as animal feed, we save tremendous amounts of water, energy, and fuel.

The soya used by Tempeh today is locally grown and GMO-free.

Tempeh is a versatile product, whether you use it as a meat substitute, snack, or dessert. Thanks to its nutty, neutral flavour, it easily takes on the taste of other products.

Enjoy cooking with tempeh? We are happy to inspire you.

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